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Air conditioning is one of this world’s modern wonders. That’s the thought you may have every time you step into your wonderfully cool home after a long day (or even just a couple of minutes) toiling in the hot sun. Your home’s air conditioning system is a gift, one you can appreciate more the longer the summer goes on and the hotter it gets.

When it breaks down, you might feel a little panicked. How will you sleep tonight? There are only so many cold showers you can take to keep your body temperature low in the middle of a Utah heat wave. When your air conditioning fails you, it’s time to lean on My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air — we never let you down!

Cooling Is Essential to Your Well-Being

Since our air conditioning team lives and works in Utah, we are no strangers to the unforgiving heat that’s common in the summer months in this region. If you don’t have home cooling, it’s almost impossible to stay motivated to do anything. You get tired faster and you can only think about getting to a cool spot. The mall, anyone?

This is why air conditioning is so powerful. It keeps you operating at your peak efficiency even when the temperatures outside make you want to quit.

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Keep Your St. George Air Conditioning System in Good Shape

You will keep your system in good working order when you prioritize maintenance. This is one of the top ways our team can help. Changing filters, cleaning evaporator coils — there are so many little things that can add up to major problems if they’re not done. Part of preventing those major problems is hiring My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air to get the job done.

Get a Quote for A/C Repair or Replacement

Let’s say the worst-case scenario has happened: Your air conditioner has broken down. Don’t worry — this doesn’t always mean major repairs for you. In many cases, fixes may be quick and easy.

We always like to provide multiple choices for our customers, but if it happens that replacement of your A/C unit is the best use of your money, we will explain why.

If your air conditioning breaks, then you are in for a miserable time especially in the summer months in St. Geoge, Utah. As your home grows warmer and warmer, you will sweat and be uncomfortable. Nighttime is a bit cooler, but it will still be way hotter than you are used to and you may struggle to fall asleep. 

If your air conditioning system is on the fritz, then you will want to fix it as soon as possible. Rather than sitting in a sweltering home for hours hoping the air will magically turn back on, you should call My Buddy and let us fix your problem the right way the first time. 

A common reason that air conditioners stop working is that your system has a dirty air filter. If you’ve checked your air filter and see that there is a lot of dirt covering it, then you know that only a little bit of air is able to make it through the filter, causing your whole system to screw up. If this is the problem with your air conditioning system, then it is an easy fix. You can purchase and replace the air filter yourself quite easily and shouldn’t need professional help. 

There are a lot of parts to your air conditioning system and it may be that one of these parts is broken or has been displaced. If you are handy around the house and know what you are looking at, then you may be able to diagnose the problem on your own. If you are like most people and have no idea what you are looking at, then you should probably call My Buddy to come to help you out. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t try to fix your AC yourself. There are a lot of important components to an AC system and you may end up causing more harm than good. If you find yourself in a situation with no air conditioning and no expertise in fixing it, then don’t wait to call My Buddy. 

When choosing an air conditioning company, don’t just call and hire the first company you see on Google. If you only look at one company and don’t do any research, you are more likely to be unhappy with the service you receive than if you had compared a couple of companies and then hired the one that looked like it would best fit your needs and budget. 

Also, if you call a few companies and only one can get to your home quickly, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should hire that business. Don’t hire the first company with a good time frame. While that is definitely a point in their favor, still make sure that you look at their reviews, prices, and the services they offer. These will tell you more about the company and help you know whether you should hire them. 

Once you’ve decided on an air conditioning company to hire, then you are one step closer to feeling air conditioning on your face once more! Hopefully, the employee sent to your home will come up with good news and an easy fix for your AC system. If the fix is easy and the parts are not damaged, he should be able to fix your air conditioning right away. If the problem is major and there are damaged parts that need to be replaced, then it may take more time to order those parts if the company does not already have them on hand. If this is the case, you may have to go without air conditioning for a few days. While this sucks, there really isn’t much you can do about it. It may be a good idea to go to the store and buy a few fans to help cool down your home a bit. If the weather is too hot for you to stay somewhere without air conditioning, you may need to spend the night in a hotel or at a friend or family member’s home. 

Once your air conditioning system is fixed, you can go back to your regular routine of not sweating and hoping nothing else breaks. After going without air conditioning for even just a few hours, you will appreciate your air conditioning much more than you did before. We never realize how lucky we are to have cool air until it is taken from us. 

In order to prevent your air conditioning system from breaking, you should get it inspected yearly.  My Buddy will be more than happy to inspect your system and make sure it is running the way that it should be. This won’t necessarily prevent surprise malfunctions, but it will make you aware of any issues or likely problems. You can then get those issues taken care of before the weather gets too hot to bear. By getting your air conditioning system inspected, you may be able to avoid the panic that comes with realizing your home is no longer cooling down.

Your Local Air Conditioning Team

My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air is here for you on the hottest days. Get the air conditioning unit support you need and the quality customer service you want. Whether your unit needs preventive maintenance, repair or replacement, your A/C is in good hands.