Home Humidifiers in St. George

Getting a home humidifier is one of the best air quality upgrades you can make. They inject moisture into your home’s dry air and improve your home’s energy efficiency and your health!

My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air offers home humidifier installations that integrate perfectly with your HVAC system. We guarantee workmanship quality and we aim to add to your home value and enhance your day-to-day life. Home humidifiers offer loads of benefits — we have many customers who can testify!

When Your Home’s Air Is Just Too Dry

Dry air is common in the desert, but it doesn’t have to feel like that in your home. Dry air leads to chapped lips and it can dehydrate you and cause headaches. It can aggravate allergies and other medical conditions, make your throat sore and give you nosebleeds.

Besides the physical effect it can have on the body, dry air isn’t the best for wood. Your furniture or molding may crack. Your plants don’t want dry air. And of course, dry air makes your heating system work harder, expending your resources. Invest in a home humidifier and see an instant difference.

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The Many Benefits of Whole-Home Humidifiers in St. George

The first thing you will notice after installing a humidifier is how much it helps any skin conditions you’re suffering from. Cracked knees and scratchy elbows warrant extra moisturizing, but you’ll see symptoms improve when the moisture content in your air goes up. It will immediately increase your comfort level.

Secondly, you may notice that your family gets sick less often during the winter. A common side benefit of living in a moister environment is better health. It’s harder for germs to spread through the air when the moisture content is higher. Plus, your cold symptoms won’t be as drastic when you do get sick.

Finally, think of the cost savings. While it’s an upfront investment, it immediately translates to energy savings due to lower utility bills. Your furnace will thank you! Because it’s easier to heat moist air, your heating unit won’t work as hard, and will likely last longer.

Our Home Humidifier Solution and Installation Process

It’s important to get details when assessing a home’s need for a humidifier. The size of the system and its effectiveness matter. Adjusting it precisely based on the internal air quality will result in either too little of a change or too much moisture, which could eventually lead to mold growth. You need professional installation and fine-tuning after the fact to see the best results.

Home Humidifier FAQ

What is a home humidifier?

A whole house humidifier is a humidifier that is installed as part of your heating and air system to help humidify your whole home. Rather than struggle with a portable humidifier by changing the water every few minutes and only being able to humidify one room at a time, a whole house humidifier will moisten the air throughout the entire house while your heating system is on. 

Home humidifiers work by putting water vapor into the ventilation system, which is picked up by the air being put into your home. 

Whole house humidifiers do not require very much maintenance. Unless your humidifier has a major problem, you should only need to clean or replace the filter about once a year to keep your humidifier running smoothly. 

Benefits of a home humidifier?

Some benefits of having a home humidifier include:

  • No more dry, cracking skin
  • Fewer viruses can be passed between family members
  • Your home will feel warmer
  • Helps prevent allergies and asthma
  • Lowers your heating bill by saving energy 
  • Can lessen headaches

Should I get a home humidifier?

If your home air seems dry and stale, or your home is still a little too cool even with the heat on, then a whole house humidifier is just for you. If you suffer from cracked skin or respiratory issues, then a humidifying system can help to solve those problems. 

Whole house humidifiers work by making the air in your home a little bit wetter, which is why having one may solve your cracked skin and respiratory problems. Because the air is a little more humid, your home will feel a bit warmer even if the thermostat isn’t as high as normal. Because of this, you can save on your heating bill, as you will be able to set your heat a few degrees lower than before. 

How much do home humidifiers cost?

You will be paying for the home humidifier itself as well as the cost of installation. The cost of your humidifier will depend on what type you buy and on who you hire to install it. Typically, the total cost of this project shouldn’t be very hard on your budget. Installing a home humidifier isn’t a super difficult process, although it should still be left to the professionals. Because of this, installation costs won’t be out of this world, and should be very affordable. 

Depending on the humidifier you choose to buy and your level of experience, you may be able to install it yourself. This will save you money, but you run the risk of making a mistake and damaging something important. If you don’t have previous heating system experience, then you should probably leave the installation to a professional. 

Interested in Getting a Quote?

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