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Your heating system is an integral part of your everyday life. In Utah, if you don’t have heat in the dead of winter, your pipes freeze. If your heating system breaks down, you’re more than uncomfortable; you have to leave your home and find a warm place to stay! There are inconveniences and there are crises, and losing your heat is more the latter.

Don’t worry — we understand the urgency in your voice when you call My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air. We know that living in an igloo isn’t an option for you, and we make your concerns our own. Whether it’s for maintenance or for a furnace replacement, our team prioritizes your needs and comes to your aid quickly when you have a heating problem.

When You Lose Heat, You Need an Instant Fix

Do you just need a part replaced, or do you need a whole new heating system installed? It’s not always easy to tell unless you have training and experience in the field. All you know is your heat isn’t working, and that’s unacceptable. You need a resolution, and you need it quickly!

Losing your heat on a cold day might sound like a nightmare, but it won’t last long if you call our team. We’re on the job, even on the coldest days, and we will make sure you get a full repair estimate or recommendations for replacement quickly, then we will get down to business and take care of the problem fast.

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Heating Not Working? Don’t Panic — Call My Buddy

When you are in the middle of a heat loss emergency, it’s easy to get caught up in the “what ifs.” Try to remain calm — you have the best heating service on call. Don’t panic at the thought of repair costs and a cold house. Just give us a ring.

We approach every situation logically. What is causing the breakdown? Can we fix it? What’s the cost? Is it better to invest in a new system? We answer all these questions and communicate with you honestly and transparently.

Keep Your St. George Heating System on Through the Cold Winter

When you rely on My Buddy, you have the assurance that you won’t go long without heat, if you have to at all. We take personal pride in helping our customers stay warm and comfortable, even when winter temperatures drop lower than you thought possible. From filter changes to motor replacements, we’re ready to help.

When You Need Heating Repairs or Replacement

If you have a heating system problem, you may have more questions than answers. That’s OK. You also have My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air. We are in the business of resolving your concerns with our 24-hour service coverage. Sleep soundly (and warmly) at night when you find the right solution for your home’s heating.

Your home’s heating system is important.  Without a heating system, you may be unable to get warm and will be constantly miserable. Even in a desert area like St. George, you don’t want to be without heat in the winter. 

Heating systems are important, but you never know when yours might break. If its the middle of winter and suddenly your heat won’t turn on, then you’re in for a long night. One way to prevent this nasty surprise is to have your heating system inspected by a heating company before the winter begins. A professional heating expert can tell you if it looks like your heater may soon go out or if any parts should be replaced. While this inspection may not find every problem with your heater and it could still break a while later, this may help prevent it from breaking without warning. 

If your heating system does break, there are a few things you can check into before calling a specialist. If you can figure out what is wrong with your heater before bringing someone out to your home, then the cost for labor may be less. Here are some common heating system problems:

  • The filter is too dirty
  • The blower belt is ruined or has slipped
  • The thermostat is broken
  • Old or worn-out parts
  • The ignitor is bad

If the problem with your heater is that the filter is too dirty for it to properly run, then you can easily replace the filter yourself. Make sure that you check for this common issue before spending money to bring an expert to your home. If a part or parts of your heater have broken, then you will need to replace them before your heater will run again. Some parts are more expensive and difficult to replace than others. It depends on the problem and the part needed to know whether or not you will need to hire a heating company to fix it for you. 

The cost of the repair will depend on what part is needed and how much damage has been done to the system. It also depends on what company you hire and the rates they charge for labor and service. 

A general heating system repair will probably cost a few hundred dollars when you include the parts replaced, the labor performed, and the attached fees. It may cost less than this but it probably won’t be much more expensive than this, unless you are facing a bunch of major heating system repairs and part replacements. Unless you have experience in this area or are able to tell what is wrong with your heating system, then you won’t know what the issue is or how much it will cost to repair. While you can make really minor repairs by yourself, you will need to hire a heating company to take care of any of the larger or major repairs that your furnace needs. 

When you are deciding on a heating company to hire, it's a good idea to look into a few different companies before settling on one. If you have had work done on your system previously and liked the company that you went through before, then giving them another call would be a good idea. If this is your first time hiring a heating company’s services or you didn’t like the company you’ve gone through before, then you should try to find one that will actively and quickly take care of your needs and that has your best interests at heart. This is broad criteria and can be difficult to judge from just a phone call or a website. Look through the company’s reviews. Keep in mind that some people just like to complain and so not all reviews should be trusted as completely accurate. If most of the reviews you are seeing on a company are positive, then chances are that you will also have a positive experience with that company. 

Don’t wait to get your heater inspected or repaired. Without heat, you will be miserable. Repairs are more likely to be cheaper than they are to be really expensive, so don’t let the fear of cost prevent you from taking care of your furnace and taking care of your family’s needs.

Once you have decided on a company, don’t hesitate to give them a call. Talking to a representative can give you a better look at the company and give you an idea of how you will be treated. If you enjoy your conversation with the company, then go ahead and invite them to your home. If you don’t like how the conversation went or you don’t feel as though your questions were answered, then maybe try another heating company before making a decision. 

What if your furnace goes out in the middle of the night? What if you desperately need heat and your system isn’t providing it? A lot of heating system companies offer 24-hour emergency services. If your heater goes out unexpectedly and you need it fixed right away, then calling an emergency service line may be the way to go. You can have a professional at your home fixing your furnace quickly, greatly lowering your stress levels. If you can find a company that offers this 24-hour protection, then you can rest easier knowing that if something were to happen, you have a plan of action. 

Heat is essential to your life. Without a working furnace, you and your family will be uncomfortable and more likely to get sick. It’s never fun to be cold for hours on end, so making sure that your furnace is in working order and won’t break down anytime soon is important. You should get your heating system tuned up and inspected yearly in order to avoid this situation. There is still the possibility of your system breaking or needing a repair, but it is less likely to happen in the middle of winter if you have had your system inspected and taken care of before the weather turns too cold.