Smart Thermostats in St. George

Smart thermostats are called smart because they optimize your home’s heating and cooling function. You pay less but stay comfortable throughout every season. At My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air, we are 100 percent fans of any device that helps our customers pay less in energy costs.

When your systems aren’t taxed, they’ll last longer. And that just makes our job — keeping your home’s heating and cooling up and running — even easier!

Savings: It’s the Top Motivation for Smart Thermostat Installation

Everyone wants to pay less in heating and cooling costs, so if that’s why you want a smart thermostat for your home, you aren’t alone.

With so many other expenses demanding attention in your budget, conscientious homeowners jump at the opportunity to reduce what they previously thought was a non-negotiable bill: their utility costs. Smart thermostats make it easy.

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Make Your St. George Home a More Comfortable with Smart Thermostats

Once you have a smart thermostat optimizing your heating and cooling, you’ll be surprised to realize how much you previously spent on energy costs. Forgetting to turn the heat down when you left for work — that’s a pitfall of many homeowners. Or maybe your outdated thermostat just didn’t read the interior temperature correctly.

Both user errors and mechanical shortcomings affect how much you wind up paying to heat and cool your home. But through modern technology, you can reduce these unnecessary expenses.

Integration with Your Home’s Heating and Cooling

You can rely on our team of trained technicians to install your new smart thermostat, ensuring that it works effectively with your existing units. We don’t recommend you handle this job yourself — there’s a risk of electrical shock. Plus, if you aren’t sure how to test it, it might not perform at the level it’s supposed to.

Schedule an appointment with My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air, and we’ll install your smart thermostat to work perfectly with your HVAC system, ensuring it delivers on its promises.

Smart Thermostats Add Value to Your St. George Property

Smart thermostats can instantly add value by lowering your utility bills. This is how they quickly pay for themselves. But more importantly, they add value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your home, you’ll enjoy a higher return on investment over time. My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air can help you make this goal a reality. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Smart Thermostat FAQ

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is an innovative, amazing way to keep your home the perfect temperature quickly and easily. 

There are a couple of different types of smart thermostats. One type is a smart thermostat that connects to your wifi. Using an app on your phone or iPad, you can control the temperature of your home from wherever you are, even if you’re across the world! 

Another type of smart thermostat is one that is able to track your behavior and learn from it. This kind will be able to guess when you will be home and will prepare the house accordingly. It learns what temperatures you like and then it repeats those temperatures in the future. 

The best smart thermostats are a combination of the two kinds, both learning from your patterns and allowing you to control it from an app. 

Benefits of a smart thermostat?

Some benefits of having a smart thermostat include:

  • Smaller utility bill
  • Adds value to your home
  • Automatic heating and air adjustments
  • You can control it from anywhere
  • Tracks your energy use and tells you how much you are spending

Should I get a smart thermostat?

If you often forget to turn the air conditioning or heat off before leaving to work, then a smart thermostat can help you save money and not waste energy. If you want quick, easy to use air and heat control, then a smart thermostat is just for you. 

Because you are able to control your home’s temperature from anywhere, and because the thermostat can sense when you are not home, you will spend less money on utilities and energy bills. If you someday decide to move, then having a smart thermostat installed will add value to your home and help you get a higher offer. Some smart thermostats can be disconnected and taken with you to a new home, so that is another bonus. On the smart thermostat app, you can see how much energy you have used and how high your energy bill is. Depending on what you see, you can make an effort to use less energy to fit your budget. 

How much do smart thermostats cost?

The initial price of a smart thermostat can be pretty high. You’re probably looking at a couple of hundred dollars for the thermostat and installation fees. Over time, you will earn this money back in smaller energy bills. 

Most smart thermostat models are compatible with current heating and air systems. If the smart thermostat you buy isn’t compatible with your existing HVAC system, then you will need to buy a new system, which will be expensive. If that is the case, you may decide to wait to get a smart thermostat until your whole system needs replaced anyway.

You should have your smart thermostat installed by a professional. Some models can be installed by homeowners, but mistakes can have deadly consequences. While installing a smart thermostat there is a risk of electrical shock, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, leave it to the professionals. While it’s cheaper to install the thermostat yourself, it isn’t worth the risk. You can hire a local HVAC company to install your smart thermostat. Installation fees will vary depending on the company you choose.