How to Deal With a Spiking Home Water Bill

We all want our bills to be as low as possible each month, and the water bill is a particular area of interest for many homeowners. This is especially true if your bill has begun to rise in recent months, particularly if it’s significantly higher than it was during the same month from past years — what can you do about this?

At My Buddy the Plumber, we’re here to help. We offer numerous affordable, efficient plumbing services, from drain cleaning to water softener installation and everything in between — but we also provide basic repairs and expertise to our clients, including assistance with situations where your bill is skyrocketing and you’re trying to both find out why and lower it moving forward. Here’s a brief primer on what to do if you notice a spiking water bill.

spiking home water bill

Understanding Your Water Usage Meter

Firstly, it pays to have an understanding of how your home’s water usage meter works. This starts with knowing its location, which will vary depending on your home’s structure. If you’re not sure, many water companies will have a meter location list available online or could provide this information if you call them directly.

Once you’ve located your meter, understanding its readings is a key step in determining what’s going on. Chances are, you’ve already taken a look at your meter and noticed the numbers moving — these figures will help you determine how much water has been used during a given month, but may not tell you anything about where it all went. If you have questions about how to understand or interpret the readings on your meter, our team will be happy to help.


The single most common culprit in a rising water bill in your home is a leak. These can come in a variety of forms, from a faulty faucet aerator to cracks in your water lines leading into the home to even major problems with your roof’s drainage system.

Some leaks are easy to find and some are not, but it’s important that you keep an open mind about everything when assessing whether or not this is the cause of your problems. A leak could be as minor as a slow drip, and it may only show up on your bill after several months of continuous usage, since there’s no clear meter indication that an issue has arisen (unlike a spike).

Lowering Water Usage

Finally, a simple way to limit your water bill is to find organic ways to lower your water usage. Perhaps you can install low-flow shower heads or consider using paper plates to cut down on your dishwashing needs. Consider these options, which are simple to implement and have large savings potential.

If your water bill is increasing, or if you have questions about any other plumbing area or need, contact the pros at My Buddy the Plumber today.