Drain Cleaning in St. George

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If your drains are slow or noisy, they could likely benefit from some drain cleaning.

My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air fixes bubbling and slow drains, taking care of clogs quickly. Standing water in the shower and gurgling sinks might annoy you, but if left alone, they can do a lot more than that. They can contribute to foul odors and can damage your pipes.

In the worst-case scenario, dirty, blocked drains can lead to overflows and property damage, which gets expensive. Our drain cleaning services are designed to prevent this and restore the free-flowing drains your home needs.

Clogs Slow You Down

Cleaning your bathrooms is a big job. And when drains don’t flow quickly and easily, it makes it harder. It just puts another task on your list. My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air hears from many homeowners about this frustration. It’s not too much to ask to have your plumbing work like it’s supposed to!

There are many reasons you could have drain problems, from built-up food to clumps of hair. These are common issues, but they’re issues you don’t have to deal with — not if you call us!

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Get Rid of Clogs and Keep Your St. George Plumbing Clean

Drain cleaning services take your whole plumbing system into account. It’s not just about dislodging the debris that’s impeding flow. It’s about preventing another clog from forming again anytime soon. It’s also about keeping the insides of your pipes clean. Clogged pipes often give off a bad odor. Drain cleaning is a great way to freshen your home.

We Handle the Toughest Drain Cleaning Jobs

Some drains are tougher to clean than others. It all depends on what goes into the pipes. In the kitchen, oily, fatty foods can create grease blockages. In the bathroom, it’s hair and soap that wind up causing the problems.

Whether you have an issue with an individual sink or the problem is traced all the way back to your water main, you can trust us for a solution.

My Buddy: Your Drain Cleaning Buddy

We call ourselves your buddy for a reason. We want to help! Homeowners shouldn’t have to deal with crippled plumbing. Leave it to us.

We’re different than the rest. We want to be your buddy for life. By treating you with respect and treating your home as if it were our own, we set ourselves apart in quality of service and customer care. Call us today to schedule your drain cleaning appointment and see for yourself!