Pipe Jetting in St. George

Pipe jetting blasts away the debris clogging your plumbing system. With My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air, you can get pipe jetting services at a competitive rate and see results right away.

If you thought nothing could unclog your pipes, you probably haven’t realized the power of pipe jetting. Whether in response to finding a blockage or as a preventive measure, pipe jetting is the answer when you want to boost plumbing system performance.

How Does Pipe Jetting Work?

Using a high-pressure water jet, My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air directs the flow into your main line. The psi is strong enough that it won’t just get rid of dirt and debris; it will eradicate tree roots as well! It’s a modern rooter repair service that quickly takes care of business and helps get your pipes working again.

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Why We Endorse Jetting Your St. George Pipes

One of the best benefits of pipe jetting is that it’s safe. While other methods might use chemicals to get rid of clogs, pipe jetting uses water and air only. That means there aren’t as many hazardous materials coming into contact with your pipes and your water supply.

Many homeowners ask about the condition of the pipes before they elect to try our jetting services. However, the plumbing system doesn’t have to be sturdy or new to withstand the pressure. It doesn’t matter how old the pipes are, pipe jetting is still an option.

Pipe Jetting Isn't Just About Ridding Stubborn Clogs

Pipe jetting is an effective service because it quickly blasts away the clogs blocking your drains. But that’s not the only reason to choose this service. By cleaning the insides of your plumbing lines thoroughly, jetting ensures that no material will stick around. This means there is a much lower chance of another clog developing anytime soon.

My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air can fix your pipes, but we can also prevent future problems too. That’s the beauty of pipe jetting!

Why Depend on Us?

The first reason you should choose us is because we always follow through on our promises. If we say we will show up at a certain time, you can count on it! This is important, because in most cases, plumbing problems can’t wait until another day. Even if it’s not a full-blown water leak emergency, you know that the longer you wait to take care of your plumbing issue, the worse it will get. We know this too, so we show up on time.

Second, we have the know-how and the tools to get the job done right the first time. We want your repair to be as painless and fast as possible.

Call us today and book your appointment. When you need plumbing repair — and pipe jetting specifically — we’re your team!