Tankless Water Heaters in St. George

Tankless water heaters don’t get the credit they deserve. They can single-handedly reduce your home’s water heating bill by up to 15 percent! That’s significant, given the fact that heating water accounts for about 20 percent of your total energy costs every month. Everyone loves hot water, and now you don’t have to sacrifice pleasure for the sake of your budget. It’s a win-win!

Are you fed up with water heating costs? Are you ready to make the move? My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air installs tankless water heaters, providing instant savings and a long-term cost benefit as well.

Are You Paying More Than You Have to for Hot Water?

Think about how a traditional hot water heater works. It’s constantly full and it has to keep the water inside hot all the time. You’re paying for hot water 24/7, even when you aren’t using it!

Of course, traditional tanks have insulating qualities to help preserve heat, but unless you have one of the most recent energy-efficient models, chances are there are improvements to be made in your energy savings.

girl in bath - tankless water heaters

Get Better Efficiency with Tankless Water Heaters

With a tankless system, you don’t pay to heat any water you aren’t using. These only heat water when it’s needed. Even better, a tankless system keeps the hot water flowing. With a traditional system, once the tank is empty, you need to wait for it to refill and heat, which can take time. With a tankless system, you don’t have the same struggle.

Switch to A Tankless Water Heater for Your St. George Home

While a traditional tank will likely only last 10 years, 12 at the most, a tankless system can last 20 or more. You won’t have to replace this major home appliance for quite some time.

Get Started Saving Today

You don’t have to continue throwing money away on energy costs — you can switch to a tankless system and start seeing the benefits right away. Invest in your home and you won’t regret your choice! Get in touch with our team to find out more.

After you schedule your installation, you’ll see why tankless water heaters are worth it. My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air can answer any questions you have — just give us a call.