Water Softener Installation in St. George

A water softener installation could be the answer to a multitude of problems at your home. My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air offers this service because soft water makes life easier in a number of ways.

What Is Hard Water?

What makes water “hard”? When water has high levels of natural minerals, it’s considered hard. These minerals leach from the earth into the water supply. Calcium and magnesium are two examples. Even if you don’t see the effects, Utah is a state known for having harder water than many others.

It’s not that hard water is bad for your health or dangerous. It’s just not the best for cleaning, whether it’s yourself or your dishes.

You may not have realized that hard water is affecting you, but take a look at your white T-shirt. Is it a dull gray? Think about how you feel when you get out of the shower. Does it seem like you have a coating on your skin? What about your hair? Are you constantly looking for a shampoo to brighten it up?

50s woman cleaning - water softener installation

Consider a Water Softening System

A water softener removes minerals from your home’s water supply, ensuring you draw soft water for all your daily needs. That means you will no longer have minerals building up on your dishware or in your appliances.

Not only does hard water make your dishes look faded and dull, minerals can clog up your appliance, contributing to early breakdowns.

Get a Water Softener Installation Quote for Your St. George Home

The size of the water softener you need largely depends on how much water you use. Do you have a large family with multiple bathrooms, or is it just you? We will size your system appropriately so you’ll have a constant flow of soft water on demand. It will improve your life and add value to your home!

Depend on Your Quality Water Experts

My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air wants to work wonders with your water. Whether you’re mostly interested in saving money on appliance repairs or you’re sick of that slimy feeling on your skin, it’s time to make a change. You may be interested in a water softener installation only, or maybe you’d like to pair it with a water filtration system as well. Talk to us about your water quality and we’ll offer you solutions.